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InAPI is built on the latest FHIR standards of version v4.0.1.
Our extensive data model allows providers, payers, and vendors to
power up applications that open up a variety of opportunities

Simple and Secure Way to Exchange Healthcare Data


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What our customers say

Our customers trust our solid data foundation that
allows efficient and secure exchange of healthcare data seamlessly
through applications.

By combining claims and clinical data, Innovaccer will provide UniNet the ability to produce timely reporting and actionable analytics
The ability to aggregate clinical and claims data is a game-changer for us
Having access to timely data allows our care team the opportunity to intervene in real time
The ability to, for the first time, ingest and analyze data from all these sources allows us to drive substantially better outcomes and cost savings
Simple and Secure Way to Exchange Healthcare Data
Take the final step towards powering all your care needs